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Louisiana farmers love their land and take great pride in the specialty crops they provide to you and your family. You deserve the freshest product available. You deserve Louisiana grown.

Louisiana grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, nursery, and other specialty crops are all around us. They’re easy to find at farmers' markets or direct from the farm at a roadside stand, but they’re available at most grocery stores as well. Just look for Louisiana grown specialty crops when you shop. Or, request your grocer to stock with fresh specialty crops from Louisiana farmers if you don’t see them available in your local store.

Buying Louisiana grown specialty crops helps strengthen Louisiana’s economy. It helps the farmer next door and puts your dollars to work right here. So go meet the folks behind your fruits and the guys and gals who grow your greens. Help build your community through a vibrant network of farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and local supporting retail stores.


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